Elder Beerman Sale and More…

Goodwill Sale at Elder BeermanBLUE-FLATS-ELDER-BEERMAN-2015 Facebook

Marion Goodwill and Elder Beerman are encouraging consumers to donate and save during the semi-annual Goodwill Sale, which will take place from March 12 –28, 2015. Throughout the sale, The Elder Beerman Stores will be accepting donations of used clothing and soft home goods to benefit Marion Goodwill. Donations given at the Goodwill Sale are sold in Goodwill stores to fund programs that help put our friends and neighbors back on the path to employment success. By donating, you become a job creator.

Bring your stuff to the donation desk in Elder Beerman stores. In exchange, you’ll earn up to 25% off with a coupon for each item donated. Score on items that rarely (if ever) go on sale! Use your coupons in cosmetics, fragrances, handbags, shoes and better sportswear and almost everything in the store.

“The semi-annual Bon-Ton Goodwill Sale is a unique opportunity for customers to clean out their closets, get great deals on new spring sale items, and make a difference in their own communities by harnessing the power of donations,” said Kathy Wink, Director of Marketing & Development,  Marion Goodwill.  “By funneling the revenue from donations into job training and placement programs, the Elder Beerman Goodwill Sale enables Marion Goodwill to provide an array of services to job-seekers.”


Your Small Change Makes a BIG DifferenceRound Up Counter Sign

A little bit of small change can go a long way. That’s what we learn everyday as we see shoppers at our retail stores round up their change at the register. A few pennies here, a quarter there, the spare change that you donate at the end of your purchases helps Goodwill raise funds for its important programs and services.

In 2014, the Round Up Program was introduced to our shoppers at our newest location in Westerville. As of today the program is in place at seven of our locations. The remainder of our retail stores will be participating in the program by the end of spring.

Donations of items and money in the form of purchases and Round Up make it possible for us to help individuals to train and find jobs. Since we started the Round Up Program, everyone who gave a dime here and there was a part of the success of Goodwill. Thank you so much for your generosity at the register. We hope you keep shopping and rounding up so we can continue to meet our mission in the community and for those we humbly serve.


See our latest and Greatest… New Mt. Gilead Store Opening Soon!Mt Gilead Store Front 1

We are excited to announce that our newest location in Mt. Gilead is opening soon! The store is 5600 square feet, offers a drive up donation door for your convenience and employs approximately 10 people. This location also features a Job Readiness Center that will offer free job readiness classes that will help individuals prepare for employment success. The store and center are located at 527 West Marion Road behind McDonalds.

 Save the Date! 25th Annual Wheel-A-Thon

WheelAThon Marion Flyer


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