Independence Day DIY Ideas

Independence Day

Independence Day is the perfect holiday. There’s sunshine, good food and we get to be patriotic as we celebrate our country. Whether you’re throwing a barbecue or just having a few friends over for some Fourth of July fun, how you decorate will set the mood. Here are some easy DIY ideas for how to make your party as patriotic as it can be.

American Flag Mason Jars
Mason Jars

All this requires is three mason jars and some red, white, and blue paint. Paint your first mason jar all blue and then add white stars to it after the first coat has dried. To complete your flag, paint the other two jars with alternating red and white stripes. This decoration is functional too. You can put utensils or flowers in them.

Paper Fireworks

Paper Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the best parts of Fourth of July celebrations, and you can have them in your own home. Not the real thing of course, but you can make paper fireworks to hang up on your wall. First, get some scrapbook paper from your local craft store or Goodwill (red, white, and blue of course). You can cut the paper in any size you want, but we wouldn’t go smaller than 4 inches because it will be harder to fold. Then fold the papers back and forth like an accordion and once you’re done, staple the folded paper in the middle. Now all you have to do is fan out the folds and you have whirling, multicolored fireworks to hang up around the party. Another idea is to upcycle toilet paper tubes for some fun décor!

Patriotic Goodie Bags
Paper Bag 2

This is another functional decoration, and its super simple to make, not to mention cheap. You’ll need brown paper lunch bags and red, white, and blue crafting tape. Once you have all that just put some tape on the bottom of the bags in alternating patterns. You can fill these bags with cookies, chips, or even red, white, and blue confetti. Lay them out around your party or hand them out as party favors. Any way you use them, they’ll be a cute decoration.

DYI Clothing Projects
Jean Shorts

We’ve all seen the pics of denim jeans from Goodwill cut off and made into shorts. Well, let’s take those Goodwill finds a bit further and add some designs with bleach. It’s such an easy and fun project for those times over the summer when you hear, “I’m bored, what should I do?”
Watch this video for step by step directions:

Another fun shorts idea – You will need shorts, red, white, and blue fabric paint and a star stencil. Use stencil to make stars and paint around them with blue, then paint stripes! Voilà!

Flag Shorts

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