Random Acts of Kindness Week


Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 10th – 16th

Experience the joy that comes from doing good things for others! To help you get things started here are a few ideas:

Monday, Feb. 10th – Have a charity day at work with employees bringing in gently used clothing to donate to Goodwill.

Tuesday, Feb. 11th – Leave 10 encouraging sticky notes around your office, school or home.

Wednesday, Feb. 12th – Write a letter to someone who mad a positive difference in your life.

Thursday, Feb. 13th – Volunteer at an agency that needs help.

Friday, February 14th – Hand out candy hearts with messages to everyone you see.

Saturday, February 15th – Give the gift of your smile!

Sunday, February 16th – Extend you hand to someone in need; give your full attention & simply listen.

For these and other ideas, visit: www.actsofkindness.org

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