Give Where You Live: Three Reasons to Donate Locally Before December 31

When asked what our goals are for the holiday season, most of us would include giving back. But let’s face it: between the dinner parties, holiday celebrations, frenzied shopping trips and exciting New Year’s travel plans, few of us actually find a moment to give back in a meaningful way before the end of the year. Fortunately, there’s one way to help people in the communities we serve that is quick, easy and affordable — and it feels good, too!

By donating used clothing and households goods before the end of December, you can help people in your community get back to work while putting your own life on a new path for the New Year — and even saving a little money yourself. Here’s how:

1. Local Donations Have Local Impact
We all know that unemployment is still a major problem here in Ohio and most of us know individuals or families who are struggling just to make ends meet. At Goodwill®, we turn the value of your used goods into job training and placement services for people right here in our community. The sale of donated clothing and household goods in our stores funds programs that help put our friends and neighbors back on the path to employment success.

2. Get a Fresh Start
Helping your neighbors find jobs feels good, but it also feels good to get a fresh start yourself. Make room for holiday gifts and new purchases by cleaning out your closet, garage or storage space, and know that you’re helping give someone a fresh start in the process. Get the kids in on it too! Parents can encourage children to give back this holiday season by donating one toy for every new item they receive.

3. Kick Off Tax Season with a Bang
During this financially stressful time of year, many of us are looking for any way to rack up a little savings. Fortunately, by doing good and donating you can also get a head start on saving for tax season. Items donated on or before December 31 can be counted as charitable deductions when you file your 2013 taxes.

All of us want to give back this holiday season. By taking a quick drive to your local Goodwill donation center and giving before December 31, you can help put friends and neighbors back on the path to employment success, while cleaning out your own closets and getting a fresh start on 2014.

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