Marion Goodwill Joins the Giving Tuesday Movement

It Feels Good to Give Back! Giving Tuesday copy

Building on Goodwill’s belief that it feels good to give back, Marion Goodwill is joining the Giving Tuesday movement.

Giving Tuesday takes place December 3 — the Tuesday after Thanksgiving — and is a collective effort to transform how people take part in the giving season. Just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become synonymous with holiday shopping, the goal of Giving Tuesday is to be a national day of giving.

“Goodwill® has been changing lives through job training, employment placement and other services for more than a century,” said Kathy Wink, Marketing Director. “It just makes sense for us to take part in a broader effort to give to others this holiday season.”

Begun by New York’s 92nd Street Y last year, Giving Tuesday has brought together thought leaders in philanthropy, social media and grassroots organizers.

Goodwill is asking residents of Central Ohio to make a special tax-deductible gift on Giving Tuesday.

“Even a small amount can make a life-changing difference,” said Wink. “During this time of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, the demand for Goodwill’s services has grown significantly. Thanks to the help of loyal supporters, we can continue to meet the diverse needs of people in our community.”

Goodwill serves people who have disabilities, those who lack education or job experience, and others facing challenges to finding employment. Last year alone, more than 1,538 people in the counties we serve (Marion, Delaware, Crawford, Union & Morrow) participated in one of our nine programs.

The mission of Marion Goodwill is to assist individuals with disabilities and other special needs to attain self-sufficiency through employment and training, thus enabling them to reach their maximum potential in the community.

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Dispelling the “One Person Can’t Make a Difference” Myth

Public awareness about the value of recycling is at an all-time high, but currently fewer than 35 percent of households and 10 percent of businesses in the United States recycle, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Sometimes the enormity of a problem, such as massive amounts of waste headed to our landfills, keeps people from taking small steps that could add up to make a big positive change. It’s the “one person can’t make a difference” myth.

November 15 is America Recycles Day, an initiative of Keep America Beautiful. This national commemoration is the perfect opportunity to raise public awareness while encouraging action, because every person can make a difference.

Marion Goodwill Industries is a proud supporter of America Recycles Day. Environmental sustainability has been central to Goodwill’s mission since its founding 111 years ago. Goodwill’s donation-resale model extends the life of usable clothing and other goods, and earns revenue for Goodwill job training programs, employment placement services and other important social services that benefitted more than 6.7 million people last year alone. In the process, thousands of tons of waste are diverted from landfills.

Goodwill offers this advice for America Recycles Day in hopes that occasional recyclers will become regular recyclers.
1. Make it simple.
2. Make it meaningful.

This model works successfully for Goodwill’s donated goods retail business. We provide easy-to-access donation drop-off points in convenient locations. We demonstrate how donations make a positive impact on the donor and the community: Donations are sold in stores. Store revenues fund job training and career services. People get jobs. Families grow stronger. Communities thrive.

The model can work for recycling as well. Breaking down your efforts into simple steps can help. To start, choose to recycle one item — whether it’s newspaper, aluminum or glass — for six months. After that time period, start recycling a second item that you use regularly until it becomes a habit. You can continue to add to your recycling efforts as they become part of your daily life.

Then, understand that your actions have impact. For example, recycling one aluminum product can save enough energy to allow you to listen to a full music album on an iPod. Recycling 100 cans can light a room for two weeks.

Whether you donate regularly to Goodwill or just recycle your aluminum cans, you help dispel the myth that small acts aren’t important. On America Recycles Day, it’s appropriate to celebrate all the ways we collectively and individually protect the planet.

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