Lions and Tigers and BEARS, oh my!


RECENTLY, THE BOY BECAME A CUB SCOUT…  more specifically, a BEAR.  He’s got the uniform, knows the pledge, and is working his way through the “Bear Trail” as we speak.  It’s been a huge commitment…  for Mom.  I want a uniform.


The Boy earns his first patch at the Harding Pilgrimage

To my surprise, they announced that “The Pack” would be going on a family camping trip.  In October.  In a tent.  Remember that chick on “The Parent Trap” who thought hitting two sticks together would keep the mountain lions away?  You get the picture.  The good news?  Cub Scouts can’t camp outside if the temperature is below forty degrees.  Some comfort for this mother who is cold nine months of the year.

What to do?  Not only did I lack the skills to camp, I lacked the equipment.  Especially a warm sleeping bag.   For a good reason — I don’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag.  I want to do some of that “glamour camping” or “glamping” as it’s known among the hip crowd.

Perhaps shopping would make me feel better.  So I headed to the Marion Goodwill stores — multiple locations, including Delaware South and Lewis Center chanting “When you focus on what you want, everything else falls away.”

Good news!!  I got the sleeping bag.  AND — a cute vintage Coleman drink cooler (I found one just like it for $22 on Etsy) — AND — a pair of lined Bass “duck”-style boots — AND — a Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris wool jacket — AND — a warm vest — AND — a red plaid scarf.

Oh yeah, I also got an iconic tartan plaid (his words, not mine) Tommy Hilfiger Tote.  Hey, a girl’s got to accessorize!


A camper’s jackpot ——— $25!

I survived the overnight camping adventure with my dignity intact.  By the way, oh Scout Master…  I got a text message at 5 AM – my morning weather alert.  Guess what it said  “41 degrees, feels like 39.”

From a girl you are more likely to see in a Goodwill store than a campground,

T and The Boy


Camping with “The Boy” ——– PRICELESS

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