I cannot tell a lie… or reason #42 why I should buy hobby supplies at thrift stores…

“We’re the River Valley Vikings… hail to the blue and gold…”
The Boy sports his custom made blue and gold scarf — hand made by ME!

This LOOKS like a lovely picture of The Boy cheering on his favorite high school team, the River Valley Vikings…  And perhaps I should leave it at that and go on with a very Martha Stewart-like blog about the joy of knitting.   BUT — Like Abe Lincoln — I cannot tell a lie…  well, I could…  but it IS a small town.

The truth is….  Yes, I really did just take this picture today.  Yes, I really did just finish that scarf this week — a little over a year after I started it.  No, he doesn’t go to that school anymore.  He’s an Upper Sandusky Ram and their colors are…  Well I don’t know yet, but they are NOT blue and gold — gosh darn it.

The truth is…  While Pinterest is truly fantasy football for women, Facebook is not… and I have to admit that  I have Candice-envy.  No, not Candace Flynn from Phineas and the Ferb-tones (although I do love her).  You see, my Facebook friend Candice has pictures of things she has ACTUALLY MADE on her page.  She knits, she bakes, and she even spins her own yarn.  It all looks so cozy.  I want pictures like that.

The truth is…  My Grandma Ilo taught me to knit when I was in third grade.  Note that I said knit, because we didn’t do too much of the other stuff (in particular, the purling part!).  This domestic skill stuck because she encouraged me and so I knitted…  lots of scarves…  and pot holders.  My Grandma Vesta taught me to quilt, but ripped out every stitch I ever did…  So, you see why I didn’t take up quilting as an adult?  (You know what?  This blogging stuff is better than therapy!)

So I decided I was going to do it.  And when I wanted to take up knitting again, where did I turn for needles, yarn, instructional books, and the like?  You guessed it, but this time I went to shop goodwill.com and ehow videos.  A hobbyists delight!  But you know what?  I now have every knitting device known to man and they do everything…  EXCEPT ACTUALLY KNIT FOR YOU!

It seems that my skills have not improved dramatically since 1976…  hence the hold up on The Boy’s scarf that called for the tricky basket weave pattern (knit 4, purl 4, repeat ad nauseam).  I think they make a knitting machine.  Maybe I should look for one of those.

Which leads me to REASON #42 WHY I SHOULD BUY HOBBY SUPPLIES AT THRIFT STORES — just because you love to knit DOES NOT mean that you love to purl.

A knitter’s delight!

Since I’m really supposed to use this space to talk about thrifting and not ME…  Let’s get on to the other lessons learned about shopping at shopgoodwill.com:

  • Read the description carefully.  They are brutally honest.  Believe them.
  • Watch for items that can only be picked up locally.  I was trying to find a Facebook friend who lived in Wisconsin to pick up a floor-model loom I wanted to bid on.  My DH (dear husband) is grateful that little purchase fell through.
  • Use the shipping calculator to estimate shipping charges.  Some charges may be higher than expected, and you need to factor that in when bidding.
  • If you are on a deadline, don’t buy here.  Shipping took EVERY day that they promised.
  • Be willing to take a chance.  Maybe that Kindle won’t work when it comes, but think about it — it might.  If it doesn’t, the case and the cords may well be worth more than you paid.

Next hobby on the bucket list…  I have all these scarves…  cross country skiing maybe?

T and The Boy

If you comment on this post, I’ll put you on my Christmas list — scarves and potholders for everyone!  (it’s not The Bloggess Traveling Red Dress, but I’m trying…)

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