Hey, I’m a girl and I like to play dress up… and I make everyone I know participate!

Ladies of Rotary dancing the Copacabana on the stage of the historic Marion Palace Theatre
Yep, that’s me with the big green feather and fruit on my head.

“HER NAME WAS LOLA, SHE WAS A SHOWGIRL…”  I WILL NEVER HEAR THOSE BARRY MANILOW LYRICS without having flashbacks to THAT night.  It was a night of a thousand stars type event at the historic Marion Palace Theatre and the ladies of the local Rotary service club were moving and shaking at  our own Copacabana  …  or at least we thought so!  

I crossed so many things off my “bucket list” that night that I just had to start a new one…  I’m not sure that wearing fruit on my head was on the list, but it should have been.  Not only did I dance on stage with an audience, I danced ON A TABLE IN GOLD GLITTER SHOES!  Hopefully no video exists of that night, but you can watch Barry sing it here.

Today is August 31st and you have two months to get ready for Halloween.  That’s 60 days.  Ready.  Set.  Go.

In the past, I had been one of those parents who barely got my kid’s costume ready.  The Boy always wanted me to dress up and so I told him I was dressed as “a business woman”, “an executive director of a nonprofit agency”…  and then there was that one year I had to go as a “disaster relief worker”…  but I was there.  This year, I’m bumping it up and my costume is coming together quite nicely.  I’ll unveil it to you closer to THE day.

In the meantime, I’ll walk  you down memory lane through some of the more memorable costumes produced by “T and The Boy” for all sorts of reasons…  Every one is powered by Marion Goodwill purchases.  Why not?

Top left — 70’s days at Heritage Elementary; Top right — Flat Stanley goes to visit Aunt Erma in NM; Bottom left — army guy does surveillance on Daddy; Bottom right — kitty cat for Halloween

We show horses with our friends and one of the 4-H  kids I help decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to make a statement in the Marion County Junior Fair costume class.  I am not sure what he meant by that, but he IS noticeable.  I am embarrassed to say that in some years, we have spent longer planning our costume than we have on his project book!  Here’s four years of costume class with Hayden and his horse Duke (yes, named after John Wayne)…

Top left — Killer Bee; Top right — “Two ugly dudes taking a bath”; Bottom left — Funky Chicken; Bottom right — Hula Girl (recognize that hat?)

And then there was this unfortunate incident…

That one makes me giggle every time I see it.  That’s Hayden’s older brother.  ROFL!

I hope that we’ve given you some ideas.  Whatever you are dressing up for just remember to be creative and consider thrift store purchases for things you will only wear once.  If I wasn’t enough inspiration, head on over to the Pinterest boards.  Costume supplies are IN STORES NOW and there are plenty to choose from!

Trick or treat?

T and The Boy


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