Spray paint — It’s not just for graffiti any more!


CONVERSATION AT MY HOUSE…  DH (Dear Husband):  “What are you doing in there?”

Me:  “I’m watching a video about how to paint the bottom of my shoes like those fancy French shoes — you know, Christian Loboutins.”

DH:  “I can’t believe I’m asking this.  Why?”

Me:  “I might have to go some place important and I want to look nice.  What if this blog really takes off and Katie Couric calls me and wants me to come on the Today Show?”

DH:  “Even I know that Katie isn’t on the Today Show anymore.”

Me:  “Well, what if Matt Lauer calls?  You know, he made Vanity Fair’s best dressed list?  He was in England for the Olympics.  That means he’s probably been to France and knows what these shoes are supposed to look like.”

DH:  “Let’s just suppose he calls.  Painting the bottom of your old-lady shoes red is like…  painting racing stripes or flames on the side of your old Volvo station wagon.”

Me:  “Your point is?”

DH:  “Never mind.”

Me:  “So does that mean that you want me to call Clayton and cancel my appointment for the car?”

The point of this story…  There are probably several, but let’s just focus on my vote for Mrs. Versatility — the common can of spray paint.  Spray paint and thrifting go hand in hand and these days you can paint just about ANY thing ANY color you choose, including giving it the chalk board effect.  How do you say it?  “You’ve come a long way baby!”

Next time you are at the store, check out the spray paint aisle.  Then check out Better Homes and Gardens site for more ideas on how to use spray paint effectively.  When you go thrifting next, apply what you’ve learned.  It opens up a whole new set of options (I’ll be brief, I’m worn out from the conversation with my DH) —

  • Simple bread box? I think not… hit it with chalk board paint and you’ve got a message center.
  • Does your kid need boots to show at the fair but these are the wrong color?  Never fear, black is the new black and I can tell you from first hand experience that you can hit up a pair of cowboy boots with spray paint and it will last you the entire show season!
  • Want to organize your office, but all you can find is mismatched office supplies?  What color do you want them to be — poof!  Coordinating items.
  • Old plastic patio furniture looks to worn out to buy?  They have spray paint specifically for that.  Krylon even has an instructional video.  Hint:  you can even use it on plastic kids toys.

Don’t even get me started on Mod Podge.

“… and there was that time I spray painted a school bus… and a demolition derby car…”

Stay tuned.  I’m sure we’ll be on the Today Show soon…  Anytime…  Waiting…

T and The Boy

In case you are interested, “Redo My Shoe” Video is here.    I may try these next — maybe more my speed.


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