Because THAT is how we roll…

The Boy — ready to take on the world… or so he thinks!

LAST WEEK, WE FOUND THAT OUR ENTIRE “FLEET” OF BIKES WAS OUT OF COMMISSION.  Every one of them needed something done to them and so off to the local bike shop  we went.  The intake was something like establishing yourself as a new patient with a doctor and I was ashamed of how little I knew about our bikes and their “medical” history…

So how old is this bike,” asked the repairman.  My response, “I don’t know.”  The Boy pipes up, “Mommy, you bought it at Marion Goodwill.”  I looked at him like I had suddenly been hit with Alzheimer’s…  “I did???”  Although it took awhile for that particular purchase to come back to me, I did remember the others — one came from a garage sale.  Another was purchased at the Marion City Police Auction.  (And let me add — that bike is a beaut — I swear it is the bike that Dorothy rode in The Wizard of Oz.  In fact, my dear husband sings the witch’s song every time I ride it.)  Anyway, at the end of the intake process, I think they may have grown tired of what became my standard response, “Adopted…  unknown medical history.”

You see, beyond our dog pound dogs, our stray cats and unwanted ponies, this Mom is adopted.  My parents always said that made me special.  They picked me, just like we picked every other thing since, including these bikes that I didn’t know anything about.  I had a whole new perspective!

We picked them up today.  Thanks to Rockys Cyclery and Fitness they are ready to roll and glad to be back with their family!

Goodwill is good for local business — what do you have that needs some good old-fashioned maintenance?  Sometimes, that’s all it takes!

~T and The Boy~

Want to learn more about adoption and foster parenting?  Click here.


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