Oh Sweet Summer Time!

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AND THE BOY IS BACK IN SCHOOL.  It’s hard to believe.  It’s even harder to believe that we’ve managed to keep him busy this summer.  He said this particular idea was “lame” (and made the loser sign with this hand), until he tried it and found it much harder to do than it looked!

Part of the festivities for my “back to school bash” is my version of the old carnival ring toss game.  I’ve actually had this in mind for a while, but was lacking the rings.  It all came together this week when I walked into the thrift store and found a bag of small embroidery rings.  Here are my basic ingredients:  6 recycled wine bottles (I have a friend at Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention and I just love the blue bottles) — free, we had the wooden box, stones from the driveway — free, blue glass stones thrifted — $2.00, partial bag of embroidery rings — $1.00.  It will keep him busy…  for a little bit.

Watch for more from my “back to school bash” and what to do with the rest of those embroidery rings?  I have an idea.  Do you?

See you in the stores,

T and The Boy


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