Normal is just a setting on the dryer… they say.

NOT me… only because I hadn’t thought of it…

I’VE TALKED TO SOME OF OUR READERS (I was so excited — apparently they really do exist), and they tell me that they are not really sure WHY we are blogging for Marion Goodwill.  They enjoy the blog, but want to know what they are supposed to DO.  

My first response was (you all will really like this) — “Well, we are just trying to show you that normal people shop at…”  Then, I realized how absolutely ridiculous that sounded.  We are not the poster children for “normal” — no way, no how.  

So I tried again, “Well, think of it as a What Not To Wear episode where Martha Stewart meets Erma Bombeck with a twist of a Phineas and Ferb adventure plot (substitute “chicken” for “platypus” and “Where’s Hayden?” for “Where’s Perry?” — and it’s close).  It’s like a reality show, but in a blog.”  

I don’t know, I’m going to have to work on my elevator speech on this…

In the meantime, here are the messages that I want you to take away from our blog —

  • Goodwill has good stuff — quality brands, clean, in good repair — at reasonable prices.  If you haven’t seen a Goodwill store lately, you need to.  They look like an ordinary retail store.
  • Goodwill shopping may be a necessity for some people — at times, it has been for us.  I hope that we can give you some hints to help you get the most out of your money and think of ways to incorporate Goodwill purchases into your everyday needs.
  • Goodwill is a great option for your every day purchases.  It’s also an incredible option for special purchases — outfitting your camper, costumes, events, learning a new hobby, trying out a new skill.
  • Goodwill is a great organization doing good things for people in YOUR community — jobs, training, housing, emergency clothes, affordable stuff, recycling, and on and on.  The retail stores help to fund these activities.
  • Local donations are used locally.
  • Marion Goodwill is a region that includes seven locations throughout central Ohio and an online store called  I can’t wait to go to all of these stores!
  • The blog is a place to share ideas – yours, ours, and ideas curated from other sites – for repurposing, recrafting, and upcycling your Goodwill purchases.  We will feature some local experts on these topics on the blog from time to time and will have some contests at a later date.

What do we want you to DO?  ~~~~~~~~~~~  donate, shop, volunteer, advocate, like, comment, share — — and then do it again!  Let me know you are out there!!!

And  have fun…  we do.  Don’t EVER let “normal” limit you…  we NEVER do.

T and The Boy

Watch for the “So You Think You Can Thrift” Challenge coming this fall.


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