Pay It Forward And You Will Never Look At Birthdays The Same Again


Boy Donates His “Boy Toys” to Goodwill in Honor of His Mom’s Birthday

THE POWER OF ONE SINGLE BLOG POST… I aspire to such power!  In 2010, Robyn Bomar wrote a blog post about how she was celebrating her birthday.  The goal?  One random act of kindness for each one of her thirty eight years.  Her project, “The Birthday Project,” spawned a web site and the rest would have been history, except that my friend Dani read it and decided that she had to do it for her 31st birthday which was last week.  The Boy and I thought we would tag along for the ride and see what this thing was all about.

Oh My Golly!  What a day.  The list itself was exhausting.  Actually performing 31 random acts of kindness and being constantly vigilant for unexpected possibilities was a marathon — add that Dani is pregnant with twins and we had two little boys along, ages 4 and 8.  I think you have the picture.

One of our first stops was at the Goodwill drop off box in the parking lot of Custom Professional Accounting.  We were able to convince our boys to part with some of their toys — he looks so happy doesn’t he?  Check out the full list of donation sites throughout the Goodwill region here.

One of the great things about Goodwill is that when you pay it forward, you really pay it forward.  Not only are you reducing our overall consumption by recycling your slightly used goods, those goods go on to provide services that include jobs, training, and work experience to some really good folks who sometimes just need a break.  In some cases, the person who ultimately purchases your item may be struggling financially and the ability to buy a decent pair of pants for work is critical.  In other cases, families referred by Turning Point, the Homeless Shelter, Job & Family Services, Helpline, Connections, People In Need, the Red Cross, or the Juvenile Court may benefit through the use of the Emergency Clothing voucher program which allows them to get clothing at no cost to them.

Congratulations to Dani for taking on the Birthday Project.  An important piece of the project is to ask other people to also do a random act of kindness in honor of the birthday person.  Think about that.  If you have say 350 friends on Facebook and they all do something — remember the movie, Pay It Forward?  We can change the world!

Have I talked you in to it yet?  Start your list today and let us know what you’ll be doing!

T and The Boy

Coming up in this week’s blog:  “Two Dollar Tuesday” thriller that you won’t want to miss!


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