No, it really is a bread box!

It IS a bread box! (bread box by Goodwill Marion, chalk paint job done by Mommy)

“MOMMY, IS IT BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX?” I kind of bought this on purpose just to mess with The Boy. He’s nosey… always up in my business, trying to guess what I bought at the Goodwill. My response, “No, it’s not bigger than a bread box.” You all can guess the next statement — “Well, then it’s smaller than a bread box.” Ha! I knew he would fall for it — “NOPE! — IT IS A BREAD BOX!”

Don’t you just hate it when someone messes with your point of reference?  One of my favorite stories, and just about anyone who ever been around me much has heard it, is the ham story.  You all don’t know me that well, but you’ll pick up quick that I’m not about the status quo.  So here’s the ham story so you’ll know it too…

The family was gathered for holiday dinner. The youngest newly married daughter was preparing her first feast. As she was about to put the large ham in the oven to begin baking, her mother stopped her and said “You have to cut three inches off the ham before you bake it.” 

Puzzled, the daughter asked her mother why? 

“Because that’s the way my mother taught me to do it,” said the mother. 

Still puzzled, the daughter went to find her grandmother. 

“Nana,” she asked, “Mom says you have to cut 3 inches off of the ham before putting it in the oven to bake. Why?” 

“Well, that’s how my mother taught me to do it, and it’s the way I’ve always done it,” replied the grandmother. 

Well, the daughter’s husband had heard all of this and he wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. He went into the living room where the family was gathered around great grandmother. 

“Nona,” he asked, “Grandma says you taught her to cut 3 inches off of the ham before putting it in the over. I’m puzzled. Why is that necessary?” 

“Well, dear, when I was a new bride, just starting out, I baked my first ham for Easter dinner. The ham was 18 inches long. The largest roasting pan I had was 15 inches long, so I had to cut three inches off of the ham to make it fit the pan.”

I must be having a down day.  I’m actually using my new bread box as a bread box.  Novel idea, huh?  I added the chalk paint so I can leave notes for The Boy like “make your bed”, “read a book”, “Mommy went to Regulators”…

Bread Box — $4.99; Red Apron — $1.99; Chicken (why is there always a chicken?) — $2.99; Basket — gift; eating out at Regulators Marion — PRICELESS!

What are you doing  just because you always did it that way?

T and The Boy


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