Mommy, I Have More T-Shirts Than A Rock Star!


IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME and we are cleaning out “The Boy’s” closet.  It seems that it’s less of a purging and more of a walk down memory lane for him.  “Oh Mommy, I really loved this shirt.  It was my favorite and I wore it EVERY day.”  Mind you, that was when he was four years old and he is now entering the 3rd grade!!  “I’ll really miss it if you get rid of it.”

What to do?  Actually, there are some t-shirts that even I really liked.  Thankfully, we have a Grandma with skills and she repurposed some of those “favorites” for us.  His favorite soft sweat shirt is now a soothing little pillow for his bed.  Those t-shirts with a message?  The message has been relocated to some cute little shopping bags.  The rest?  Well, they actually made their way to a Goodwill box located at a local Marion business, Custom Professional Accounting, as part of a “random acts of kindness” blitz I did with my friend for her birthday (I’ll tell you all about that on another day — a hint…  it’s VERY cool).

Some hints on doing the closet purge…  (be warned…  I’m one box away from an episode of hoarders!)

  • Be ruthless.  These are clothes, not memories.  (gigglesnort!)
  • Make three piles — keep, growing into (that would be for the kid, not intended for me!), donate
  • In order to keep an article of clothing, it must pass these tests:  does it fit right now?  does it look good?  am I comfortable in it?  can any damage be fixed and am I willing to do it?  can I think of two places I could wear it?
  • Absolutely can’t bear to part with it — repurpose it!

For more information on donation locations throughout central Ohio, check out Marion Goodwill.  For more ideas on things to do with your favorite t’s, take a look at my board on Pinterest.

What have you been hanging on to?

T and The Boy


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