Hang On! It’s Going To Be A Good Ride!

My shopping kit!

WELCOME TO MY WORLD! I LOVE TO SHOP AT THRIFT STORES, I love Freecycle and Craig’s List, I have actually pulled things out of dumpsters, and my husband won’t go to town with me the night before garbage day…  The Boy (my son, age 8) and I will be blogging about our adventures — for all to see — as we thrift shop all over the Marion Goodwill territory. We’ll also be sharing the inner secrets of the Goodwill operation, visiting some of our other thrifting friends, and checking in with local experts. Essentially, we’ve been in training for this our entire lives and WE ARE READY!

So you can be ready too, I want to share some of the tools of the trade for anyone really serious about shopping in the world of thrift. I’ve taken a picture of some of the things I try to have along on our adventures, including:

  • a purse or clutch — I can hang on my arm and not worry about misplacing
  • a bottle of water (and sometimes food) — got to stay hydrated, you never know how long you will be there!
  • magnifying glass — to read the small print on silverware, etc.
  • small leatherman type tool — in case I need to open the back of a battery compartment.
  • tape measure — it doesn’t do you any good to buy something that is the wrong size or won’t fit in the space you have for it.
  • buyer’s notebook — more about that later, basically my shopping lists, sizes, measurements, etc.
  • shopper’s cards — after a certain number of purchases — FREE STUFF!!
  • disinfectant — self-explanatory, you need it everywhere these days.
  • magnet — what type of metal are we talking?
  • cash, debit, credit — make sure you know what the store will take, but cash is always king! I also give my son a specific amount that he can spend.
  • band aids — depending on how a store attached price tags, you may need these.

I also take a re-usable shopping bag to avoid using a store’s plastic bags.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Repair.  Recycle.

So hang on. My life is like a water slide and you just got in at the top of the shoot. There’s not much you can do about it now — just hang on and scream… I can assure you, it will be a good ride!

good people. good stuff. Goodwill.

See ya’ll at the store,
T and The Boy


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